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Model 778 Crank Style Ball Washer - Reconditioned

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A reconditioned ball washer is taken apart, stripped down, re-powder coated, cleaned, and the same parts replaced - changing with new ones where needed. New gaskets are always added. They will outlast you and probably your children, and their children. Great investment at less than half the price! 

Our industry exclusive #778 ball washer has a body, crank handle and cover all made of durable aluminum alloy and are powder coated for extreme longevity. The screws and crank shaft are stainless steel and the unique brush system thoroughly cleans up to four balls at a time. Built-in overflow and easy to remove drain plug. Now featuring a new handle! The crank style ball washer can clean up to 4 golf balls at a time.

Capacity: 7.2 US Pints/3.4L

Ball Washer Maintenance:

Our Ball Washers will last for many years and will look great with proper maintenance. We recommend that you clean and rinse your Ball Washers once a month to remove any solution build up that may occur. Only Bayco Golf approved products should be used in the ball washers. Any other products could void your warranty. Please review our warranty for more information. 

Pro Tip: Use our Dirtbuster Detergent Tablets to keep golf balls sparkling clean and leave no residue.