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Golf Cup Stabilizer - Set of 3

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These are the perfect solution to stabilize the golf cup  and keep it from pulling out of the hole. These 5x5" square, dense plastic plates with a grooved slot fit all of our plastic and aluminum cups (4.25" or 6" height). Add super Glue (not included) in the groove and press bottom of the cup into the slot and let dry. Ideal for quality putting green installations and is cost effective. No need for an expensive hole cutter. Just shovel out a 6"x 6" Square Hole.

  • Synthetic turf practice greens.
  • In ground putting greens where the cups will not be moved.
  • Regulation plastic cups that will not be moved.
  • Synthetic putting greens installed in concrete.

The cup stabilizer helps to:
  • Keep the golf cup from pulling out of the hole when removing green marker or flagstick.
  • Reduces the side to side movement of the golf cup over time.
  • The sand or dirt around the golf cup and stabilizer plate keeps them stabilized.